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How Do Vape Pens Work?

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What are vape pens?

Vape pens are a vape pen style e-cig that allows you to vape as you would when smoking a traditional cigarette. It is portable, rechargeable, and the nicotine ones use cartridges of e-juice.


Why are vape pens better than a regular e-cig?

The main reason that people gravitate towards the vape pen is because it mimics the feeling of smoking in many ways that are much more satisfying than the standard e-cigarette. Your lung will be full of vapor from your favorite e-liquid and your throat will be relaxed in euphoria. The lack of drag also makes it easier to take deep drags and get inhaled quickly.


What kind of menthol and flavor are there?

There are many different flavors that you can choose from that include menthols such as spearmint, peppermint, wintergreen, etc. There are also more realistic flavors that come with sweet and fruity flavors.


How long does a Vape Pen battery last?

vape pen endura T18
vape pens endura T18

The average battery life is roughly 6 to 8 hours with the non-refillable design. However, some users have reported getting up to 12 hours out of their battery before needing to recharge it again. The batteries for these pens can die during times of heavy use or if they have been sitting unused for a while.


How do vape pens work?

Vape Pens work by heating the e-juice to vaporize the active ingredients, whether it be nicotine, CBD or THC. The e-juice is stored in a cartridge that comes housed in either a disposable or replaceable cartridge for your convenience.

This e-juice can be vaped on its own but sometimes you will also mixture with things such as THC oils or CBD oils that are purchased separately and add your preferred vaping experience into your vape pen.

Nowadays there are tons of different models available but the most common is the dripper model which uses heat to atomize and vaporize the liquid inside of it. On the other hand, there are many vape pens in the portability category that boast of a much longer battery life than the regular AIO and dripper models.

When it comes to vaporization, there are also several other features that come with these pen-style e-cigs. Some of these features include variable voltage and temperature based on your preference, so you can customize your experience according to how strong you like it and how much you want to be medicated. There is an LED screen that displays your current settings if you have one which shows your current settings for temp and voltage or LED indicators for battery level. Some also offer different components such as quartz coils to enhance flavor.


What is the best vape pen for CBD Oil?

CBD oil vape pen
CBD oil vape pen

If you’re looking for the best vape pen for CBD oil, then you have come to the right place. We have reviewed and compiled a list of the top 3 pens that are currently on the market. All of these options provide you with a discreet and portable option to vaporize your CBD.


1 – Dr Dabber Aurora Review

The Dr Dabber Aurora is truly one of a kind. Rather than having a set temperature, this particular vape pen allows you to adjust it. This gives you the freedom to have a stronger or weaker vapor for your experience. The device comes with three different atomizers so you can mix and match your vapor to your liking.

The model comes with an LED screen on the front, giving you visual feedback of what temperature it’s set at. If you’re looking for a vaporizer that can accommodate more than just CBD oil, then this is the best option for you. With its slim design, it’s easy to take outside of your pocket or purse and discreetly vape wherever and whenever you need it.


2 – V2 Pro Series 3 Review

Just like the Aurora model, the V2 Pro Series 3 allows you to adjust your temperature. It is also very compact and discreet, making it a great option for the person on-the-go. In addition, it comes with an LED screen that shows the current temperature and voltage for that particular coil.

Although this delivery system is not as discreet as the Aurora model, it’s still very handy to have if you want a portable option to help you vape anywhere you go. With its ability to operate with different types of oils from CBD to e-juice, this is a great buy for any vaper.


3 – Halo Gen 3 Review

The Halo Gen 3 is a magnificently designed vaporizer pen. Unlike other vape pens, this one comes with its own case that houses the battery and cartridge. The product also comes with a spare battery and atomizer, so you don’t have to worry about having to purchase more products in the future.

In addition, you have a choice of two different types of atomizers: ceramic or quartz. Both of these options are designed to ensure exceptional flavor for your e-liquid with either type of coil. It also works at variable voltage and temp for your experience as well as uses replaceable batteries, so you don’t have to constantly be replacing them.

The best thing about the Halo is its size. It’s a compact design so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space in your pocket or purse. The product also comes with an LED screen that shows you your current settings and battery life so you can easily adjust as you please. Some of the other pros of the product is that it is extremely discreet, lightweight and powerful.


How long will I get to vape on my Vape Pen?

CBD oil vape pen
CBD oil vape pen

The average battery life reaches around 4-6 hours with most models working at different temps. However, the more battery life you have, the better. If you are spending a lot of time on-the-go, you’ll want to make sure that your vape pen can last for at least 10 hours before needing to recharge.


How do I clean my Vape Pen?

Cleaning your vape pen is just as important as cleaning any other type of electronic product. This will make it last longer and run smoother over time. A lot of people ask us how often they should clean their pen. We would recommend cleaning them about once every two weeks because this will help keep it from clogging up and also help reduce the chance of getting a burnt hit as well.


There you have it guys, do you know what a vape pen is and how to use it? Happy vaping!