What are the pros and cons of dry herb vaporizer?

Before using a particular product, people tend to go online and search for its pros and cons before actually buying it. Therefore, if you want to try dry herb vaporizer for the first time, you might want to take a look of the following discussions about the advantages and disadvantages of using dry herb vaporizer for cbd.


CLEAN. Of course, you need to clean your vaporizer every after use. How often are you going to clean your vaporizer? Well, you can clean it even after the 20th usage or just when you feel like it needs to be cleaned. In cleaning, you would not be dealing with ashes anymore, rather you would only have to deal with foul smelled shoots that is 100% environmental friendly that you can even eat it.

LESS STINK. Dry herbs do not give off smoke, that is why there is less stink in the air. It actually smells like a flavored cherry gum. And the smell does not linger on clothes, so the user would not feel conscious about what other people might say about how they smell. Vape pens are also used for minimizing the smell produced by the vaporizer that is why it is advisable for beginners.

EASY TO USE. One of the things that costumers look after dry herb vaporizer is its portability. Portable vaporizers are very easy to use because you can carry them anywhere and anytime you want.

EFFECTIVE. Using dry herb vaporizer would be very effective if you want to save as much weed as you can. When you burn the weed, a percentage of it will not be in use since it will be damage the herb. This the reason why, smokers opt in using vaporizer because they are made to just stabilize the Canabis for better outcome with less usage. One of the most efficient dry herb vaporizer for cbd oil is the one that heats the substance via convection.

MAXIMIZED FLAVOR. Marijuana does not really have a pleasant taste. Due to the fact that marijuana contains tarpenes, the taste is now enhanced especially when the weed is already burned. Aside from the enhancement of flavor, tarpenes are also known to increase THC absorptions.


NEEDS SUPERVISION. Since vaporizer can be bought through the internet, there would no quality control available from the government. This would result to the customer buying some harmful dry herb vaporizer.

RECHARGING. Your vaporizer must be charged all the time, most especially if you always use it. The battery life can only last for about 5 to 10 minutes. So if you are planning to have a long trip, then a vaporizer is not advisable to be brought.

ALTERNATIVE. If you are planning to quit smoking cigarettes and opt to use dry herb vaporizer, then forget the idea. This is because people tend to avoid nicotine that is present in cigarettes. But there is no assurance that the vaporizer bought by the customer has no nicotine in it. When the customer buys the vaporizer with nicotine content, then there is no use of switching from cigarettes to dry herb vaporizer.

EXPENSIVE. We all know that buying quality vaporizer could be a pain in your wallet. If you want to have better outcomes when it comes to maximizing the flavor, then opt to buy the more expensive ones which will cost around 250 dollars. This is because the cheaper ones might get you into trouble including problems about mouth odor and teeth yellowing.

RISKY. One of the most common risk in your health when you use dry herb vaporizer, is the increased dehydration. You would feel like your mouth is all dried up. Aside from that, dry herb vaporizers may be bad for you because the vaporizer might contain nicotine that has negative effects on your lungs, blood and may also be the reason for diabetes.